We take inspiration from the World's best Christmas classics and present them to you sung by real kittens.

About Us

Our History

Started in 1992, Jingle Cats Music quickly established itself as a pop icon par excellence in Hollywood. With its unique brand of Music sung by real kittens that can be found nowhere else. Featuring real singing cats, Jingle Cats provides enchanting and entertaining music and hilarious cat videos each holiday season.

The record company traces its humble beginnings to Meowy Christmas!, a successful record arranged and adapted by our CEO, Mike Spalla, that featured for the first time nine real cats, Cheesepuff, Max, Binky, Twizzler, Clarisse, Petunia, Graymer, Sprikenz, and Cueball, who sang 20 songs on the original Jingle Cats album entitled, Meowy Christmas.

Corporate Leadership

Mike Spalla Chief Studio Officer

Our CSO, Mike, credits his hardworking Canadian and Italian immigrant parents who undertook the arduous journey to the shores of Hollywood with the intention of giving their children the best future. His mother's wizardy farm knowledge kept her interested in pets and especially cats, she always had a few cats around to share the journey. Jingle Cats Music became well known. His father was a well known cameraman in Hollywood who loved the stars and celebrities and he was invited to film many of them at parties, premieres and special Hollywood events.

Kristopher Kringle Chief Gift Officer

Our CGO, Santa, as he is affectionately referred to by the entire world, comes from a long established family tradition in holly and jolly. His experiences growing up on a farm in the Germany Bavarian Toymaking Region gave him great appreciation for varieties of toys sources. As he puts it in his own words, I'm making a list and checking it twice! Gonna find out who's naught and nice.

Cheesepuff Chief Cat Officer

Blessed with the most discerning auditory sense, Cheesepuff, our CCO, personally ensures that every recording that we present meets his exacting musical tastes. Our sound engineers dread the tongue lashing that ensues if their song does not meet his exacting standards. He lives by his motto, protect the meow.

Sprikenz the Cat Executive Cat

Award winning three-star Michelin cat with wide International experience having worked closely with whos-who in the cat world, he specializes in creating hypnotic and trance music experiences. He says, Put together the dances from the two craziest cultures, and you get a winning hit! Ave Maria!